MMOs are like buses… [GW2/MoP]

Spinks asks the key question of the moment for MMO enthusiasts: How will you manage your playing time between Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Pandaria?

These aren’t the only titles that I’m planning to dip into in the autumn period (hello SWTOR, Crusader Kings 2, Sleeping Dogs and a myriad of Steam Sale games!) so it’s going to be tough to dedicate extended periods to just one game at a time. That said, I’m conscious that my enjoyment and the quality of my writing suffers when I’m juggling too many games. The temptation becomes to not read quest text, skipping side quests and generally blasting through the content impatiently.

So my plan is to dedicate at least the month of September to Guild Wars 2 and see whether I am ready to move on to MoP when it launches. I believe that GW2 is a game that benefits from being part of the initial wave of players, experiencing everything together for the first time in sync. To be honest, I am still not convinced that the heart events will be quite the same if experienced several months later by myself.

Conversely group questing in WoW is cumbersome, with players competing for limited mob spawns, limited quest items and so on. Being the first to 90 will give you an advantage in playing the Auction House but the gold making game has always been an amusing side pursuit for me, not a reason to rush through content that has taken 2 years of development.

Strangely enough, it would do us all a favour if Bioware waited until November for their next content patch…



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