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A Weak Imagination [GW2]

In September, ArenaNet heralded the age of a new kind of MMO. One that eschewed the leveling game/raiding distinction in favor of horizontal progression. This was lauded as “the endgame reimagined”, an escape from the skinner box carrots of old. Many … Continue reading

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The ROI of One Time Events [GW2]

Summary Ever the contrarian, Azuriel has recently been evoking strong reactions with his criticism of Arenanet’s use of one-time events. The Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event currently being previewed on the PTR, like its predecessor for Halloween, contains a … Continue reading

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Room for 2 [Link of the Day]

Despite recently focussing on WoW, I am still convinced that there is room in the market for many more themepark MMOs of different types. In that sense, I consider myself a ‘pluralist’,  as opposed to a number of bloggers who … Continue reading

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The More Things Change [MoP]

Tobold is burnt out on WoW and is quitting the MMORPG genre for the foreseeable future. Nils is back, having previously rage-deleted all of his characters and vowing never to play again. Joking aside, it’s great to see this blogger … Continue reading

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