Room for 2 [Link of the Day]

Despite recently focussing on WoW, I am still convinced that there is room in the market for many more themepark MMOs of different types. In that sense, I consider myself a ‘pluralist’,  as opposed to a number of bloggers who believe there is only sufficient oxygen in the room for 1 game, or that the genre needs to be turned on it’s head because it’s currently broken.

With that in mind, today’s link of the day is Going Commando, where Shintar presents the arguments why SWTOR is a fun game and worth anyone’s time.

F2p is on the near horizon, so now is a good opportunity to consider trying the game if you haven’t previously done so.




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3 Responses to Room for 2 [Link of the Day]

  1. Game Delver says:

    It just takes a good mindset adjustment. I think that MMOs in the past given how much of your time they demanded along with their expensive barriers of entry (box + expansion + monthly + time invested to reach a suitable level) promoted a lifestyle of playing their game rather than simply playing their game.

    • Agreed.

      With the exception of EvE, few MMOs today offer offline progression methods. So if you want to keep up with your friends, you need to keep regularly playing, at the expense of all others games. The subscription is a reminder that you are either committed to that lifestyle or you’re not getting your money’s worth.

      • Game Delver says:

        While part of me is sad to see the model move back toward more typical videogames (as various videogames have moved a little closer to typical MMOs over the years), it will be nice to get to play more than one game at a time again.

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