Hell Hath No Fury [GW2]

In many thousands of years, when scientists trawl through the remnants of the internet circa early 2000s in search of nuggets of brilliance, one lucky scientist will come across Azuriel’s latest post on Guild Wars 2.

A pre-purchaser and participant of the game’s closed beta weekends, Azuriel calls into question Dynamic Events, WvWvW and the endgame, an act will is tantamount to sacrilege for the fans of the game.

The discussion that follows is a largely civil analysis of the pro and contra until Steve Mink Jr jumps in with the conclusion that Azuriel is a WoW fan who is full of cr@p. A post on another fan site later and the comments thread deteriorates into a cesspit.

Like Azuriel, I too have prepayed and preplayed Guild Wars 2. I look forward to the launch next week.

But I am conscious that many are viewing GW2 as the ‘savior game’.

You know, the one that rewrites the rules for the MMO industry and wins the crown from WoW’s head.

We have been here before and know well that these high expectations lead to joy, then disappointment, resentment and disillusionment. 


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2 Responses to Hell Hath No Fury [GW2]

  1. Get ready for the fanboy rage to descend on thou, but you are absolutely correct.

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