WvWvZzzzzz in the Sea of Sorrows [GW2]

As a resident of the Asia Pacific region, yet someone can only understand languages in the Latin alphabet, my MMO diet consists on playing western games on US servers. The result is that most of the time, I am playing my MMO of choice when the main population (US) is offline.

So it can be no surprise to you to learn that where an Oceanic server exists (official or otherwise), this will be the one I opt for.

I am not the only one. The entire Guild Wars 2 populations of Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan unanimously agreed to all roll onto the Sea of Sorrows server to play together in a (roughly) time-zone unified harmony. Whilst the major guilds of Henge of Denravi and Tarnished Coast slept, we stormed their keeps and completely dominated the map in WvWvW. I think at the time that I logged off, we dominating 95% of the map and were farming NPC events for fun.

Naturally there will be some calibration in the first few weeks – stronger Worlds will have to defeat weaker ones until the best of the best are seeded to face each other. However I can’t see a way around the time zone issue until we reach a World which plays consistently through the night. Based the fervor I have seen from Jade Quarry enthusiasts, it may be the case that they are the ones to do this but we will have to see. They do have the advantage of pings under 300 ms…


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2 Responses to WvWvZzzzzz in the Sea of Sorrows [GW2]

  1. ausj3w3l says:

    I believe Darkhaven is also one of the unofficial oceanic servers, and many have rolled on like myself and the guild have rolled on Isle of Janithir.

    I came across SoS in WvW and you guys field soooo many people. Will be fun battling you all in the future

    • Sounds good! It seems like my initial fears may be unfounded. A lot of the top guilds have moved to Northern Shiverpeaks so Sea of Sorrows has calmed down a bit.

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