The Realities of 1.3 [SWTOR]

The ‘ savior patch’  is finally here and Group Finder is live in SWTOR. For those interested in the dynamics of Group Finders, Spinks has an excellent overview post.

A few observations from my day 1 experiences before I head off on holiday for a few days:

1. Expect lengthy queues for mid-level instances. Black Talon popped almost instantly whereas I had to wait for ages for some of the others.

2. Consider respeccing Tank or Healer. This advice will seem obvious to WoW players, but I would suggest that there are even fewer Tank specced players than in Blizzard’s title. Primarily because it is far easier to DPS your way to 50 but I also believe that new players are anxious about their abilities to take on a role with a higher responsibility level, particularly when many people have still never played a Flashpoint before!

3. Loot rolling is going to cause drama. I had 2 players roll Need on gear for their companions without asking first. As per the previous two points, this is Business as Usual for Group Finders.

All in all, I feel that Bioware have delivered a tool that does what it says on the tin. I will be very interested to see whether an Operation scene emerges.

I believe people will start pushing for cross-server group finding in time, which will put Bioware in a tricky position. They have previously suggested that cross-server grouping negatively impacts the community in exchange for shorter waits. But for many casual players, perhaps this is a price worth paying?


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