Investing in Games [Link of the Day]

It is a common trope in video game blogging to suggest that investors were foolish to put their money towards the developers’ of certain games. Commenters will often tell us that it was obvious which games would fail and which would succeed.

We are all wise after the event, but if you had a spare $100million to invest in a game, where would you put your money?

This is the question that UnSubject has been asking over the last few weeks, with their excellent challenge Pick A Winner! It continues to an entertaining and insightful read, so I encourage readers to check it out and take their pick…

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One Response to Investing in Games [Link of the Day]

  1. UnSubject says:

    Thanks for the link!

    I had thought to include some successes, but who would invest in a title from a pretty much untested studio that required players to buy expensive hardware just so they could see the graphics? But that’s exactly the risk Everquest took.

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