A Storm is Brewing [SWTOR]

Exhibit A:

A series of features for the forthcoming SWTOR update.

-5 more levels

-New planet

-New companion

-New operation

-New pets

-New Warzone

Exhibit B:

A leaked survey from several months ago enquiring how much players would pay for these exact features – $9.99, $24.99 or $29.99.

Unless I have been deceived by clever EA trickery, it appears that they propose to charge for the new content.
Why else try and establish how much it is worth to subscribers?

I can’t be the only one thinking that this would be a massive own-goal by Bioware. SWTOR is still in its infancy and is just passing the traditional 6 month mark, where the key word is retention. A large proportion of the playerbase has either moved on or is seriously considering it and Bioware need to build up trust by providing a quick succession of patches that fix bugs and provide content to keep people playing.

For many, 5 new levels will be the sweetener they need to resubscribe.

Alternatively $29.99 will feel like a major kick in the teeth.

Don’t do it.

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