Spaceventure [Kickstarter]

In my rookie post about Kickstarter, I made it clear that I consider pledges to not be a game purchase, but rather a sign of support for a project and payment for the entertainment of watching something being produced. You have no guarantees that what you’re paying for will successfully reach completion or will offer a top notch game experience.

With all that said, here’s a Kickstarter I’m following with eager anticipation: Spaceventure by the creators of Space Quest.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Space Quest series, they were a collection of point-and-click adventures in the vein of the Lucasarts games. With a strong emphasis on satirizing Sci-Fi classics, they told quirky stories and were famous for their death sequences.

The Kickstarter is halfway towards its target of $500k and I’m receiving daily content from the creators – podcasts, video updates and a demo prototype in Chrome. If you are a fan of old adventure games, this may be one worth supporting.

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