1.3 – A New Hope? [SWTOR]

Anjin notes that Bioware has recently let go a number of employees from the SWTOR development team, questioning whether this is ‘business as usual’ human resource management or perhaps indicative of something more worrying about the state of the game.

Keen and Syncaine make the latter interpretation, taking this as vindication that single-player games “were never meant to be turned into MMO’s”. (Keen’s words)

To my mind the concept of the game was fundamentally decent, but the implementation and delays in delivering themepark staples such as the group finder, server transfers and balanced world PvP have all taken their toll on the subscriber base.

I still believe there is room in the market for a story-focused Star Wars-themed game, and I will continue to play SWTOR in between all of the F2P titles I’m currently working my way through, at least for the time being.


For people like me, Dulfy has a preview summary of the changes being brought by patch 1.3.

Is it fair to call it the savior patch?

I certainly feel that the instance finder tool and server migrations will bring new life into grouping. Indeed if we cast our memories back a few years to World of Warcraft patch 3.3, which included Group Finder, this tool was very successful in bringing back a lot of tired vets who had burned out over the course of the expansion.

I’m anticipating lots of Schadenfreude surrounding this game over the next 6 months, as we receive another announcement of declining subscriptions and Guild Wars 2 gears up for launch. Hopefully when the dust settles SWTOR will stabilize with over the 500k subscribers needed to make the game a success.

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