Q: When is an Elder Scrolls game not an Elder Scrolls game?

A: When it omits many of the staples that made the series famous.

But seriously, I have a year to get over the fact that I will not get to play a vampire/werewolf. In the meantime, Vagabond has made a list exploring some of the successful gameplay elements which will hopefully carry over into Zenimax Online’s title.

For my money, the most important one is The world reacts to you

I was one of jaded MMO gamers that enjoyed Skyrim because it made me feel like a special snowflake. NPCs remembered who I was and if I elected to take out my wrath on them, they stayed dead. The journey was meaningful because actions had consequences.

What would the world of Skyrim have been like if the Jarl of Whiterun’s throne room was full of heroes, spamming FUS, stealing his goblets and stabbing him in the face?

If Zenimax can give their own interesting take on this challenge of providing compelling scripted narratives in a multiplayer-friendly environment, perhaps showcasing a new implementation of Phasing technology, they may be able to carve a niche if the fantasy MMO market.

Otherwise the Jarl should start hiding his tableware.


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One Response to Q: When is an Elder Scrolls game not an Elder Scrolls game?

  1. Syp says:

    Welcome to the NBI and blogging! Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

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