Gaming Xfire


I’m also a huge believer in the accuracy of Xfire to determine gaming trends.


I’m a huge believer in the accuracy of Xfire to determine gaming trends amongst the Xfire player base with regards to Xfire enabled games.

How long is it going to be before other publishers realize that players are using Xfire data to track MMO’s popularity and create gaming incentives to inflate their numbers?





I had a look at the top 20 games played in Xfire. All of them are in decline, with the exception of Tera (new), DOTA2 (new) and GW, which I assume is seeing a GW2-related resurgence. Maybe all these games are seeing less use, or maybe Xfire itself is in decline? Just a thought…

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2 Responses to Gaming Xfire

  1. Rammstein says:

    Well, if Xfire were a more useful site, then we could compare to years past to see if april/may is generally a seasonally declining time for the kind of games xfire tracks. Xfire isn’t all that useful, so I believe that isn’t possible…and yet it’s still more useful than nothing.

    Re: the eve til eve online thing–even if every single publisher were gaming the system by offering Xfire skewing promotions, Xfire would STILL be more useful than nothing. If one publisher were better than others at skewing xfire, than that still wouldn’t affect the month to month trending of one single game in the long run. If the publishers commonly offered promotions for one month but not the next month, then that would affect the trending, but that’s a bridge we could cross when we got there.

    Do you have an alternative method for evaluating how one game is doing from month to month, or are you just criticizing an imperfect world for being imperfect to pass the time?

    • “are you just criticizing an imperfect world for being imperfect to pass the time?”

      Are you new to writing? 🙂

      But in all seriousness, the reason why I am commenting is that I dislike posts on forums that share an opinion about the MMO market and then drop a link to Xfire as “proof” without caveats or explanation.

      Xfire is interesting and I when I look through the top 20 titles, I find it difficult to explain trends beyond the obvious “people play less over time”. I would rather we discuss what we can see on Xfire than either dismiss it as a tool or accept it unquestioning.

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